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How to Kiss That A-Holio Good-Bye

“A-holio!”  You’ve heard the term many ways: Arsehole, Asshole, A-hole, Asswipe, Asshat, bungholios, adult bullies, but, for this article, I’m going to stick with the term “A-holio,” because I know you are dealing with...

April 19, 2017
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Remembering Chris Cornell at the Sound Garden

Seattle, Washington – Home of one of the best vocalists of all time, Chris Cornell. I cannot express words right now of my mourning as a fan and whose beautiful lyrics have touched me...

May 26, 2017
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Cool Off with These Grapefruit & Carrot Juice Shots

Grapefruit is one of those fruits that tends to get forgotten, probably because of its tart qualities. But, I’ve been craving grapefruit like no other! Maybe it’s because the seasons are technically changing, or...

April 21, 2017
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What You Probably Don’t Know About Soap Labels

Now that I’ve got about 400 bars of soap curing, I’ve been pretty darn busy on designing the labels!  This is literally my first prototype attempt with printer paper! Looks like the size fits perfectly. Labeling...

April 19, 2017