beetsucculentportrait4x6_kmwI’m a lover of beets, and there’s something special about my beet smoothie recipe other than it’s typical health benefits – IT’S GREAT FOR SEX! Why not take advantage of it? Chickabowbow.

(serves approximately 2)
2 FRESH BEETS (NOT canned or the sealed package kind – those don’t taste the same).  
*Boil the beets for about 5 to 8 minutes depending on the size.  Peel the skin off using your fingernails and palm of your hand. Rinse. You may do this the night before and refrigerate so they chill. 

1/2 PEELED MANGO (Fresh or frozen.  Canned or package sealed doesn’t taste the same).

1/2 TO 1 TBSP. OF GINGER (Fresh is downright the best).


OPTIONAL: A hint of carrot (maybe a couple of baby carrots, but that’s it). It still tastes wonderful without the carrots.

8 TO 16 OZ. OF WATER, MILK, OR MILK ALTERNATIVE  (depending on your preference).

Blend until evenly smooth.

Photography by Amy Kobos

Photography by Amy Kobos

When making any smoothie with fruit, it’s important to add vegetables because you want to balance out the rate of sugar absorption.

Save the beet greens and add to your favorite spaghetti or alfredo sauce later on! Just rinse and dry the greens, place in a Ziploc and freeze. Don’t put the stems or greens in this smoothie.


Mobile photography by Amy Kobos

Mobile photography by Amy Kobos

First and foremost, beets possess anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer phytonutrients (betanin and vulgaxanthin) which help prevent and reduce the rate of the development of chronic and terminal disease. This also means beets are terrific for reversing and/or preventing erectile dysfunction! Yep, that should sell you right there! By reducing inflammation, our blood vessels can sustain its full potential for dilation and prevent plaque formation! And ultimately, consuming beets assist in keeping your blood pressure at a more healthy rate.  Beets are also a great food for folks with diabetes because they help with regulating metabolism and help repair nerve cell damage (which is common in diabetics).

Additionally, beets are a great source of manganese (which aids in regulating sex hormones, collagen creation and holds antioxidant properties) and folate (which supports DNA repair, nerve cell development and maintenance, and production of red blood cells).

Mangos are nutrient dense and high in fiber which helps regulate blood sugar release and aids in weight loss. Beta-carotene is also found in mango which helps in reducing tumor growth and cancers. Beta-carotene is also necessary for optimizing our skin, eye and bone health. Plus, you are getting the extra boost of carotenes if you include carrots!

Aha – and going back to sexual health, mangos help regulate sex hormones, promoting an increased sex drive.

Photography by Amy Kobos

Photography by Amy Kobos

Many studies suggest cinnamon is great to supplement into your diet because of its blood sugar regulating properties – which means, this is great for diabetics. Ultimately, allowing your body to sustain optimal vessel health (due to keeping your blood sugar at a healthy level which prevents an inflammatory response), this will help by allowing adequate circulation, resulting in improved sexual function.

Ginger has enormous health benefits! This is one of those medicinal foods I recommend people to consume on a regular basis. It has healthy digestive, detox, anti-cancer (thanks to the gingerols), anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps in reducing nausea and vomiting and boosts your immune system. We need all of this to maintain sexual health!

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