Take A Day Off, Yes Ma’am.

Work work work… all day long… Work work work while I sing this song.the way we walk kiss my wellness web

With all of these gadgets, gizmos and bosses and teachers flinging assignments all around, it is easy to not know when to stop.  You think it is a luxury to have the opportunity to work or go to school from your home computer?  Yes and No.  Yes for obvious reasons, but NO because work, school, and/or the internet never go to bed!  It is so easy to get sucked in 7 days a week!  Guess what! It’s going to still be there if you take a day off. I don’t think any human being expects you to keep going and going like Mr. Energizer Bunny, so don’t do it to yourself.  You will get burnt out!  Do yourself a favor, take a day off!  I mean, for real – including NO electronics.  Recharge your human batteries.  Stress kills.  Plain and simple.  Otherwise, you will walk down a dark lonely alleyway and poop out.

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