Get Up, Stand Up. Walk with All Your Might

Have you ever thought about the way your walk?  Everyone has a unique style of walking that represents their mood, agenda and personality.  It can even change day to day.  When we see someone for the first time, say for example, on a job interview, a first date or just someone passing by in the hallway, we make a snap judgment on him or her based on that first impression.

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The other day I was sitting down on a park bench.  Beforehand, I must have walked by a lady four times and acknowledged her with a friendly smile.  This time, she walked by me.  She walked with her head down in silence.  I even said hello to her; she still continued to look down with a frown while she walked.  I accepted her for who she was, even if she was being a total meanie.  Who knows, she could have been grieving.  I did not judge her.

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the way we walk kiss my wellness webHowever, a lot of people don’t realize how they walk.  It’s just natural for them to walk how they’ve walked for years.  Many studies have shown that people who walk with their head down or don’t give eye contact are shy, insecure, depressed, tired, or unhappy. That is not to say there are other reasons people walk with their head down, and there is nothing wrong with how you feel.  But what if you have no idea that you are even doing it?

How do you want to express yourself when you walk?  Do you want to show you are confident by looking straight ahead and smiling at someone?  Do you walk fast because you are always in a hurry?  Take time to notice.  This helps make you self-aware of how you feel.  Your walking style demonstrates your outlook on life for that moment.  This reflects your personality and also affects how people feel about you.

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Up your ability.


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