Ain’t It Fun Being on Your Own?

Learn the ways being independent benefits your health and how it’s easier to be in control of your own happiness.

“Ain’t it fun living in the real world
Ain’t it good being all alone.”  – Paramore


Paramore, 2008 – Source

Yes, it is fun.  I am thrilled to see a pop band like Paramore expressing the message of being independent.  You don’t hear these kinds of lines in the news and sometimes you don’t even hear them in the home where you grow up.  

The definition of independence is the freedom from control, influence, support, and aid of others.  This means you don’t expect someone else to pay your bills.  This means you go out and get a job and support yourself.  This means you can live alone and be happy.  This means you don’t let others control what decisions you make.  This means you can take care of yourself on your own without being dependent on anyone else.  This means you solve your own problems and grow from them. If you don’t know how to do it yourself, how are you going to learn?  Being dependent on others creates expectations, disappointment and setbacks in life.independent man on beach

“Don’t go crying to your mama ’cause you’re on your own in the real world…
You see, it’s easy to ignore a trouble
When you’re living in a bubble”  – Paramore

Quick Tip:  It is important to have support from the people around us, but to be independent, you gotta know where to draw the line on how much support is given to you.

What can being independent do for your health?

1)  Appreciation:  You will appreciate life more.  You will understand how much hard work it takes to do something, which results in possessing good work ethic for yourself.  You will appreciate the people around you more, as well as tend not to judge them. You will appreciate any opportunity that shows up in your life like taking school seriously, especially if you are the one paying your way through college!  An independent person tends not to waste resources and appreciates the little things in life.

2)  Preparedness:  The more independent you are, the more preparing you do.  If the poop hits the fan, you will do just fine.  This will make you plan wiser on saving money and/or getting a great paying job.  Then, there will be none of the suing the ex-spouse to help support you when divorce happens. Being prepared helps an independent person move on with his or her life no matter the peppers kiss my wellness logo

3) Growth:  Since independent people tend not to waste resources or opportunity, they tend to be able to adjust and grow from all the bad events that happen in life at a quicker rate than dependent people. They don’t depend on others to fix problems for them or blame others.  The more practice you have helping and loving yourself, the easier it is to learn and move on.  Challenges are just doors waiting to be opened.  An independent person does not feel the sense of entitlement or victimize him or herself.wheelchair independence

Quick Tip:  Bad stuff happens to everyone.  It does not discriminate against anyone.  It is important to take the time to grieve before moving on from a situation.

4)  Confidence: Independent people tend not to be afraid to do things and are interested in being open minded. They know they will do fine no matter what happens.  They have more awareness of knowing what is bad or good for them and are able to not get sucked into brainwashed garbage. Independent people have the tendency to solve issues promptly to reduce future stress.  Independent people are not afraid to get out from bad situations.

An independent person lives in reality.  It is fun knowing you can do it all on your own, and the best part is an independent person does not let others control his or her own happiness.

Up your ability because you are worth it.

Hayley Williams from Paramore; Photo by Sven-Sebastian Sajak

Hayley Williams from Paramore; Photo by Sven-Sebastian Sajak


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