Duke Gardens, Where the West Meets East.

Families and friends, students and graduates, visitors and folks of all kinds – I welcome you to Sarah P. Duke Gardens!  This is one magical place that is FREE to visit!  It is voted one of the top 10 public gardens in the United States.  Duke Gardens has something for every season, so it’s always a breathtaking experience.  Stroll and frolic through the 55-acres of lush, distinct gardens and relax. There are ponds, terraces, fountains, bridges, wide trails, wildlife, and even meditation gardens.4120 Duke Gardens White Lillies KMW

While the trails are easy, you can take any fitness level with you; it is jogger friendly.  You can even bring your yoga mat and do Pilates.  Sorry, no bicycles.  While it is handicap accessible, the trails are wide with dirt/loose gravel.  This is also very safe for solo visitors.Duke Frog 4115 KMW

The Asiatic Arboretum was my favorite.  I felt like I was in Japan.  You won’t even notice the world around you. Soak it in, meditate.Duke Japanese steps 4104 KMW

If you are there during a quick rain shower, sit underneath the tree canopy and embrace the sound of nature and watch the waterfowl.Duke Asian Pond 4070 KMWDuke Heron 4098 KMWExplore the nooks and crannies of Duke Gardens.  Everywhere you look is specially designed to draw your interest into plants and wildlife.4121 Duke Gardens Oriental Lillies KMWAddress:  426 Anderson St., Durham, NC, 27705 

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    […] We must never forget to rejuvenate ourselves through each season. Photography by Amy Kobos, captured at Sarah P. Duke Gardens in Durham, NC. […]

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