Don’t Stop Because You Had a Baby!

Everyone has interruptions in their life, but Briana Christine’s Bikini Body Mommy 90-Day Challenge proves you can be fit with all of the chaos at home.

Briana’s slogan is “Don’t Stop.”  She encourages people that you don’t have to let yourself become that“after” picture once you’ve had a baby.

Bikini Body Mommy workout is for everyone no matter what fitness level you are and is FANTASTIC for unmotivated people who have no clue what exercise is. Since one of the biggest obstacles for exercising is not enough time, Briana has designed her videos so the workout is ONLY about 10 minutes a day.  And it’s not just for mommies.  It’s ideal for any man or woman.

There’s no traditional workout room full of yoga mats or other fitness gurus in leotards in the background.  So, no reason to feel intimidated.

Briana’s workout videos show you that your workout can be in YOUR home or hotel room with little to no “gym” equipment.  She shows us how to use household structures like chairs and walls to help you keep fit.  Don’t worry if you’ve never exercised before, Briana demonstrates the easy version for beginners.  The best part – Bikini Body Mommy workout videos are FREE.

Courtesy of Corbis Images

Courtesy of Corbis Images

“It’s a great workout for moms.  It’s short so you can fit it in your schedule, but hard enough that it makes a real difference.  I relate to Briana because I see her struggling with the routines like me and dealing with real-life interruptions, like her children and the kitchen timer.”    Heather – Durham, North Carolina

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Briana represents a real body, like most of ours which fluctuate in weight.  Her persona defines a real human being who struggles with staying on top of everything and allows for us to fall and get back up.  She is an inspiration to most people’s reality.  Briana demonstrates what it takes to have a healthy-looking body and steers away from the stick-thin model.SkinnyDoesNotMeanHealthyWEB

Easy breezy with a nice layer of sweat.  Now, go enjoy the first video of Bikini Body Mommy’s Day 90-Day Challenge and kiss your wellness into shape ‘cause you don’t have to go to the gym.  And yes, it does fit into your schedule.  Don’t stop because you have an interruption in your life.


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