Up, Up and Out of the Fog in Mt. Tamalpais State Park, California

Bounteous, beautiful,and breathtaking in Mount Tamalpais State Park.  Be with nature. Be with views of the Sierras and San Francisco.MtTamalpaisGrasslandsView6135KMW Bring a picnic, bring some friends, or bring yourself to these wonderful bay area blowing hills. MtTamalpaisFriendsKMW Explore 50 miles of hiking trails among the redwoods and oaks.  Soak in the temperate sun and the brisk of the breeze.  Just Wow. MtTamalpaisTomoko6149KMW Easy, moderate and strenuous trails available, but no matter what exercise level you are, it’s guaranteed you will feel on top of the clouds and away from the city fog.MtTamalpaisFog6128KMW You may see rock climbers and you may see woodpeckers.  All in all, you will absorb the panoramic views.MtTamalpaisRockClimbing6184KMWMtTamalpaisStandingOnRock6186KMWVery safe for solo travelers, just make sure you stay on the main trail.  Bring your camera because the photography opportunities are endless.MtTamalpaisPinkFlower6162KMW The environment is diverse – grasslands, chaparrals, oak woodlands and little canyons.  Culture is rich, with history of the Coast Miwok and the Mt. Tamalpais scenic railway.MtTamalpaisOakTree6152KMW After you spend your morning or afternoon here, you can immerse yourself into the majestic starry sky.  Just astonishing and romantic!MtTamalpaisRollingHills6121KMW Traveler info:  20 miles north of San Francisco.  Highest peak 2571 feet.  Parking fee under $10 required per car.  Curvy road to destination.  Well worth it. Mount Tamalpais Park Brochure.  

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