Keeping UP YOUR LIFE Like a Kardashian

I’m just going to outright say it:  I enjoy watching the Kardashians.  In fact, it’s the show I indulge on every single time I am around a TV set. You probably think I am completely crazy, but hear me out.

First and foremost, they consistently and actively demonstrate the importance of getting along with their modern and blended family, albeit somewhat crazy. Grudges aren’t held against each other, unlike a lot of families you probably know. Almost every episode has at least one of the Kardashian’s trying to resolve some sort of debacle, and guess what – they actually work it out and express their gratitude toward one another. In addition to focusing on communication, openness and honesty, they don’t sit there and blame each other for their problems. They actually subscribe to the idea of personal responsibility!

Kardashian images courtesy of Creative Commons & Design by Amy Kobos

Images courtesy of Design by Amy Kobos

Secondly, the Kardashians experience similar obstacles like many of us have: Family members who drink to excess, dealing with racism, pregnancy and fertility worries, learning to accept step-family members, gender issues, bereavement of a parent, relationship woes, nagging girlfriends, body image and mental health struggles, growing pains, and of course, how to balance out a stressful & busy life – Almost everyone can relate to one of these issues. The day I saw the episode about the Kardashian girls having camel toe, I felt so much support because my friends and I always have to deal with this!

Photography by Amy Kobos - Brooklyn Bridge, New York

Photography by Amy Kobos – Brooklyn Bridge, New York

Thirdly, the Kardashians express the importance of work ethic. You know as much as anyone how viral corruption has crept into thousands of companies. You’ve seen the narcissistic bosses and the coddled trophy kid employees. Sometimes I feel bullies won’t stop manifesting, but honestly I can say the Kardashians are at least trying to break the cycle. Signifying women in the workforce is also something they emphasize. They encourage women to get out there to work their asses off and not be one of those women who try and milk money off of others, like their ex-spouses.

Photography by Amy Kobos

Photography by Amy Kobos

Fourthly, they don’t give a shit! This one is so me. They don’t hold anything in (literally). They say and do what’s on their mind without the fear of being shamed! Oh gosh, I love Khloe because she has no regret talking about peeing! I don’t feel so alone now. Complementing their intrepid personas, they don’t try to be “perfect” people! They aren’t afraid to fess up to mistakes, and they don’t let “imperfections” get in the way of their desire to grow! They flush that shit down the toilet and move on!

Photography by Amy Kobos

Photography by Amy Kobos

Finally, the Kardashians respect others outside of their clan. I’ve never seen them judge people because of his or her social, racial, religious, occupational or marital status. Okay, okay, I’m sure they get frustrated with the paparazzi, but actually they can be seriously dangerous. But, you may recall the episode where Scott Disick treated a waiter with disrespect. The Kardashians were quick to publicly announce it’s not okay to treat people like that.

I don’t give a rat’s ass about how much money the Kardashians possess or how much glitz and glam they flaunt. How they express their mental wealth is more vital to this world than what the news or even people in our own lives can offer. And you bet I’m going to embrace every second of it. The Kardashians don’t expect life to be a certain way, and I think we all should inherit that concept.

For me, Keeping Up With the Kardashians is the modern version of Full House. The only thing missing is an Uncle Jesse.

Image Courtesy of via Creative Commons

Image Courtesy of via Creative Commons

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