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I’m an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Certified Wellness Practitioner. I’m also a UNC-Asheville graduate with a Bachelor of Science in health and wellness promotion with a focus in business, marketing, and neuroscience. I also have 15+ years of medical editing and copy editing so I know how to navigate through the healthcare system.

I motivate people. I empower people. And, I help people get through the humps in their lives and teach sustainable problem solving skills.
What makes me different from other coaches is that I also work on the health of businesses. Being a serial entrepreneur, I know what it’s like to wear many hats and be good at hundreds of things (and have ADHD at the same time) – this can be so overwhelming and anxiety provoking. My vision as a Health Coach is to help women achieve their dream life! 

Just like our personal health, I believe we need to apply the same health concepts to our businesses to be able to dig into the core values and intentions in every dimension. Sometimes it’s about creating boundaries; sometimes it’s about knowing who your target audience is (and where to find clients), and sometimes it might be about what direction you need to go in. There are so many obstacles we face, and I can help with all of them!

Why People Love Me:

I can read bullshit from miles away, which makes me a specialist in helping people through toxic relationships and bullying (in personal and work life) – and teaching businesses how consumer psychology works.
I’m also a patient advocate!
And, I’m as authentic as it gets!

Don’t wait! Now’s the time to connect: kissmywellness@gmail.com

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404A, Health Street
San Fransisco, CA


+00 125 456 8754



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