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Soap maker, certified wellness practitioner, and entrepreneur enthusiast!

My Story

I’m the creator and soap maker for White Squirrel Soaps and a certified wellness practitioner. And, I am plain out obsessed with entrepreneurship. I started my first official business selling art when I was 19 years old, and it eventually evolved into selling my own wellness products and services.

It hasn’t always been easy, and I made a lot of mistakes as a solo business owner. The biggest struggle for me was trying to find one place to share all of my ideas. I have what they call “business brain,” where I am so talented at so many things and want to make money off of each one of those ideas! I even created multiple websites to try and sell each idea or service! I couldn’t possibly keep up, and my business brain just seemed like a big mishmash of ADHD!

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone!

I’ve learned to consolidate and simplify. And, I’ve picked up a lot of tools along the way. The best thing, though, was trial and error.

I didn’t have a handbook. And, most of the business podcasts I listened to were not for the one-man/woman show entrepreneur on a limited budget. (Those podcasts were for individuals who had tons of capital or a trust fund!)

That’s why I’m here: To share with you the tips and tricks that have helped me streamline entrepreneurial success in the health and wellness field on a limited budget. Because it’s really all about how you build your foundation one brick at a time. And, no: I’m not going to try and milk you to buy a 6-Step Proven Strategy System or multilevel marketing program. That’s not how I roll.

It’s about understanding and applying the basic principles of consumer psychology, overcoming your fears, and keeping it simple!


My Qualifications

20 Years of Experience

As an entrepreneur and health education specialist in one-on-one coaching, project managing, curriculum developing, leadership training, and marketing and research.


Certified Wellness Practitioner

Bachelor of Science from the University of North Carolina – Asheville in health and wellness promotion with a focus in behavioral psychology, neuroscience, and communication. 

Active member at the National
Wellness Institute.

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition with a concentration in business psychology and relationship building

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