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Meet Amy!

I genuinely love helping people thrive. And, too many times I see people stuck (and I’ve been there, too, believe me!) who just can’t seem to figure out how to get to the next level or get out of the setback they’re experiencing! It takes a lot of hard work and patience. I can help you get through those painstaking humps through deep-rooted problem solving skills and through reconnecting, which results in living a sustainable quality of life for you and/or your business. 

Just like our personal health, I believe we need to apply the same health concepts to our businesses and work life to be able to dig into the core values and intentions in every dimension. Sometimes it’s about creating boundaries; sometimes it’s about knowing who your target audience is (and where to find clients), fear of success, and sometimes it might be about what direction you need to go in or even branding strategy! There are so many obstacles we face, and I can help with all of them to help keep your work/life balanced and help create sustainable success.

You just have to start doing it. It’s all a big process!

I’ve been a business owner for 15 years, and I’m formally certified as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Certified Wellness Practitioner and graduated from the University of North Carolina-Asheville with a Bachelor of Science in health and wellness promotion with a focus in business, consumer psychology, and neuroscience. I also have 15+ years of medical editing and copy editing experience under my belt, so I know how to navigate through the healthcare system. We all know what a pain in the a** that can be! I’m here to help with that, too!

But let’s face it:  You know you can’t do life or business alone. That’s why I’m here

Why People Love Me:

I can read bullshit from miles away, which makes me a specialist in helping people through toxic relationships (even if it’s self-induced) and bullying (in personal and work life) – and teaching businesses how consumer psychology works!  

And, I’m as authentic as it gets! And, I want you to become as authentic as you can get. Believe me, we’ve been led to believe some real BS!

Ways to Connect With Me!


  • Sign up for one of my Coaching Services
  • Or, email me: kissmywellness@gmail.com
  • Besides Health Coaching, I love partnering with people and brands I believe in, so I also provide health promotional services (cross promotion, marketing, brand ambassador/influencing, copy writing, copy editing, etc.)! Shoot me a line, and let’s work together!

About White Squirrel Soaps

And, if that’s not enough things for me to do, LOL, I’m also a soapmaker! This IS MY therapy! And, if you’ve never had my soaps, well… you’re completely missing out. Those days of using commercial soaps are far gone. I don’t have time to waste on stuff that’s going to harm my body. Good bye, nasty chemicals.  White Squirrel Soaps uses natural, high-quality ingredients to help give your skin the nourishment it needs while rejuvenating your senses at the same time. 

If you sign up for any of my coaching packages, you’ll receive this as an appreciation gift from me  🙂  Outside of that, White Squirrel Soaps can exclusively be found at Ugly Mug Coffee and Tea in Hendersonville, NC. Online orders are currently on hold.

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