About Amy

Having spent most of my life in the mountains of North Carolina, Mother Nature has always been a healing and whimsical nest for my imagination to run wild. If I don’t include nature in some way, shape, or form in my everyday routine, I feel off balance. At 35, I received my Bachelor of Science degree in health and wellness promotion from the University of North Carolina in Asheville.  Part of my wellness philosophy is that you should always take care of yourself no matter how busy you are or how guilty you may feel for taking the time to do it, and it should be affordable.  I believe we need to get back to our natural roots and simplify our lives, so we don’t create more clutter and stress. I also feel that we need to always push our potential so we can flourish and “up our abilities”.


About White Squirrel Soaps

If you’re anything like me, self-care is a difficult task to schedule into my day.  Having sensitive skin never makes it easier.  Most commercial products use synthetic ingredients, which meant my skin and senses weren’t getting the proper care they needed.  I knew there had to be another way.  By being creative and resourceful, I discovered I could produce my own all-natural soaps. Combining this with my health and wellness background, I created White Squirrel Soaps.  I want to help give your skin the nourishment it needs while rejuvenating your senses at the same time.

About Kiss My Wellness

Kiss My Wellness is a health and wellness and travel website that inspires you to explore your abilities to achieve quality of life in a way that you do not have to follow the media’s or culture’s norm. Some people think you have to go to the gym to be fit or may think the only way to enjoy travel is to go to the tourist joints that milk out your bank accounts, or you may think the only way to be happy is to marry Prince Charming and have lots of money. Being healthy and happy does not have to be a difficult task, but learning how to get there is key. And guess what – We all have obstacles in our lives. This happens to everyone, every day. No one is immune to it. KMW is about empowerment, self-sufficiency and exploring different ways you can view the world to create your happiness. This site expresses how you can embrace all of the opportunities Reality has in store for you. It is your choice, your life – discover and explore it.

Contact Me!

Hey everyone! I would love to hear from you. Whether you are inquiring about contributing or just have suggestions/comments for me, please shoot me an e-mail at kissmywellness@gmail.com