Assholes are the worst kind of people in the society. They are the reason the world and relationships have problems.


An asshole is someone you should never be.


If you’re tired of the toxic environment they create, then read along so you can successfully know how to deal with an asshole in 5 simple steps.


But first, an asshole:


  • Is someone for whom the rules don’t have to apply. It’s “the other people” who have to follow the rules/laws.

The typical asshole reply in this case is, “Do you know who I am?”


  • Sees him/herself as the most important person in the room. If the asshole doesn’t approve, then nothing gets approved.


He/she will fight tooth and nail to get what he/she wants. It doesn’t matter at what cost or if it hurts people around him/her.


The asshole exhibits a strong sense of entitlement.


  • Displays direct and passive aggressiveness. An asshole does this by making it look like his/her bad behavior was caused by someone else, or he/she plays the victim.


  • Is a spoiled brat who never grew up because he/she never got consequences for his/her bad behavior – or, thinks money, threats, and boo-hoo excuses will win people over.


  • Will easily get irritated and anxious if something feels out of his/her control. An asshole will do what it takes to regain control – even if it means going around authority.


  • Has a hard time accepting mistakes. It’s “the other people who have the problem!” An asshole will often deflect the issue and start criticizing others to make him/herself “look good.”


  • Lacks empathy and a conscience. An asshole doesn’t care about the hurt he/she is causing.


  • Has trouble adapting to change and will often live in an alternate reality/delusion.


  • Is someone who knows how to seem charming on the outside (religious/financial status, for example)! An asshole sees this as a way to validate/excuse his/her behavior or insecurities.


  • Must display a pattern of the above traits; it’s not just a one-time act, like cutting in line in the grocery store.


  • Often preys on empathetic and nice people.


Here’s how to deal with an asshole in 5 simple steps:




This is the first key to strategizing your escape plan. Know that assholes are never trying to benefit you, no matter how hard they try to convince you. They can seem charming and innocent to lure you in, but are quick to turn on you (or use you as someone to campaign with). This is a common trick they use to gain loyalty.


The victim will often go back to “first impression,” thinking: “Oh, but I know her as such a sweet person. She’s just having a bad day!”


Don’t be fooled.




Assholes LOVE A REACTION because it gives them bait, and it gives them someone else to blame. It ultimately gives them the control and something to use against you so they can cover up their own insecurities!


They ARE NOT LOOKING for a discussion and NOT LOOKING to work something out. They are only looking for something to use against you!


The BEST RESPONSE to use against assholes is SILENCE. Do not feed them. If you do, you are enabling their behavior!


(If you are the type of person who is defensive or wants to talk things out, be careful. I’ve been in situations where I’ve given assholes my time, only for it to be used against me. Never respond back with a question. This ONLY gives them more room to try to glorify their self-righteousness.)




This is key, especially if you are in a custody battle or trying to fire a bad worker. The reason I say to document everything is because one incident, like proof of one email, cannot express the destruction caused by the asshole.


Assholes are very good at making it look like the victim is the one “who’s not getting along.” (This is a typical gas lighting technique.) A judge or manager might not see the one piece of evidence as manipulative until he/she sees the pattern of behavior.




The energy assholes give off is toxic to our health and distracts us from what we really need to be focusing on. It’s easy to be consumed by their disgusting sense of reality and obsessive pestering threats!


Do you really need to respond to that harassing email from your ex-wife?


Or, if your manager is enabling the hostile environment the asshole has created for you, maybe you should be looking for another job, sadly.


Ultimately, you have to take care of your well-being.




Since assholes live in an alternate reality and are often crafty and impulsive, they typically forget what they lied about or think they’re delusions are the “right thing.”


They always get caught, always – and sadly, are already in a place where they’re truly unhappy.




Bottom Line: You can never please an asshole, even if you tried. Focus on taking care of yourself, instead.


Know an asshole? Tell us how you deal/dealt with him or her? Comment Below!!


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