Kiss My Wellness

“I’m Afraid People Will Judge Me!”

“I’m Tired of Being Disrespected!”

“I’ll Never Be Good Enough!”

“Every time I try, I Fail!”

“I don’t even know where to begin!”

“My Job is Killing Me!”


If this sounds way too familiar to you, know that I can help get you unstuck!

— Amy Kobos, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Certified Wellness Practitioner



You’re here because: 

  • You’re frustrated with the health setbacks you keep having even when it seems like you “have tried everything!”
  • You’re tired of being discouraged, betrayed, and/or shit on.
  • You’re unsure about what language to speak to create successful relationships.
  • You’re left in the dark on how to navigate your health when your doctor tells you to become “healthier” or “lose weight.”
  • You want to be free from being so dang stressed out!
  • And frankly, you’re tired of dealing with the BS in your life. 

GREAT NEWS! If any (or all!) of the above apply to you, then you’re in the right place!

I’m Amy Kobos, and I’ve got your back! I’ll help get unstuck so you can conquer what has been keeping you from reaching your health and career goals! There’s so much BS out there that you’ve been led to believe!

I genuinely love helping people reach and go beyond their potential – even when there might be the voices inside telling you, “I’m too old,” “I’m afraid they’ll judge me,” “I’m not skilled enough,” or “It’s too much work, why bother?”

My Services

15-Minute Motivational Ass Kick!

Once a month, I’ll personally connect with you for some ass-kicking motivation that aligns with your personal or business goals.

The Quickie!

If you’re stuck on what sounds and looks best on your website or resume, let me take a quick & thorough look and help you tidy it up to attract your ideal clients or future employers.

Bridging the Gap!

Once a month, I’ll personally motivate, educate, and empower you so you can bridge the gap between job changes, life changes, or even doctors’ visits! Stop being stuck on not knowing how to take the next step.

Hard Core Coaching!

Let’s work together to formulate a plan that will get you where you need to go. This means going deep.

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