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Springtime in Biltmore Gardens

If you’re visiting the Biltmore House in Asheville, NC, make sure you stroll into the gardens and embrace true paradise in Western North Carolina.  Both indoor and outdoor gardens project exotic and native species...


Succulents at the Biltmore House

I’ve been a little obsessed with succulents lately.  They are magical looking plants which look like they should be found in the rainforest but can be found in a desert. Photography:  Amy Kobos Location:  Biltmore...


Kale Tacos with Apple Salsa and Sour Slaw

Just so you know, kale isn’t going away anytime soon. You’ve heard it on TV, you’ve seen it on the Internet, and you may have seen hippie Kale bumper stickers that say “Keep Calm and...

Lake Louise Park, Weaverville, NC

Lake Louise Park is a beautiful small lake to visit while traveling north of Asheville.  Take a walk or a jog on this easy 1 kilometer looped, unpaved wide trail.  Lake Louise provides 2 easy-to-find parking...

Aston Park – Asheville, NC

Enjoy great clay-court tennis, a nice walking trail and green space.  The facility even let’s you borrow sports equipment for FREE. 336 Hilliard Ave  Asheville, NC 28801  (828) 251-4074

Murray-Hill Park – Asheville, NC

This is a great little place with a paved walking trail.  Safe for solo travelers.