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How to Kiss That A-Holio Good-Bye

“A-holio!”  You’ve heard the term many ways: Arsehole, Asshole, A-hole, Asswipe, Asshat, bungholios, adult bullies, but, for this article, I’m going to stick with the term “A-holio,” because I know you are dealing with...


We Must Create Silence Again to Reunite

Driving to work on nearly fall crisp morning, I remembered smelling the freshly harvested corn fields on my drive in Western North Carolina. I always looked forward to routinely enjoying the silence and embracing...


Ain’t It Fun Being on Your Own?

Learn the ways being independent benefits your health and how it’s easier to be in control of your own happiness. “Ain’t it fun living in the real world Ain’t it good being all alone.”...